Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Father, Daniel Boone

I just got back from a long trip, and on it, among other things, we stopped by the Boone Home in Defiance, MO. While we were there I bought the book My Father, Daniel Boone (Ed. by Neal O. Hammon). It is a collection of interviews with Daniel Boone's son, Nathan Boone, done in 1851. Here is an except from the end that I thought interesting:

            "In his latter years my father was a great student of the Bible. He was seldom seen reading any other book and fully believed in the great truths of Christianity. He seemed most partial towards the Presbyterians, although he disliked the unkind differences too frequently manifested by different Christian sects. He had all his children, when he could, regularly christened. His worship was in secret, and he placed his hopes in the Savior. Whenever preaching was in his neighborhood, he made it a point to attend and well remembered what he heard and read.
            In middle life, he read considerably in history, which was his favorite reading. He did not care for novels."

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