Friday, March 9, 2012

Samuel Davies and George II

Here is a great story concerning Samuel Davies, a great pastor and preacher of the Great Awakening, told in a book I am reading, Southern Presbyterian Leaders, by Henry Alexander White (great book so far):

"According to tradition, the King of England, George the Second, attended one of his [Davies] public services and expressed in loud tones to those near his royal person his satisfaction at hearing and seeing the dissenting minister. Dr. Davies interpreted this conduct as irreverence in the Lord's house. He, therefore, paused and looking at the King, said: 'When the Lion roars the beasts of the forest all tremble; when King Jesus speaks, the princes of the earth should keep silence.' The King kept quiet, it is said, his respect and admiration for the minister being largely increased by the boldness of Davies." (emphasis mine)

Samuel Davis went on to inspire the young Patrick Henry, who would later have is own show down concerning George II's son, George III. It's amazing how God weaves the web of history. May our current 'princes of the earth' learn to listen to King Jesus.

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W. A. Moore said...


Davies put that very well, and not just for 'princes' but for all of God's creation as well!

Thanks for posting this, Peter.