Friday, July 13, 2012

A Poem for Graduation

So I have now officially "graduated" from "high school" homeschool (as of June 30th). While there are more important milestones in life, this one being somewhat artificial, I am glad for the opportunity to take a look at where I have been and where I am going. Here is a poem that I wrote for the occasion trying to express some of my vision for my life. 

Beyond the Windy Plains 

Lo, beyond the windy plains with tumbleweeds and space 
There is a land that I call home, to me a special place
'Tis not because of fame or wealth that its call I still hear 
But 'tis because its need and strife I feel a falling tear 

There are many lands both far and wide that give a lonesome call 
This land is not the only one that feels the dreadful Fall
But I am one, I cannot do but this to serve God now
Than one man's work by His dear grace, in finite space to plow 

But who am I, that I do think to do so great a work?
I am but a poor sinner, weak, and dangers 'round me lurk 
What if in trying to do kind help, I think I stand, but fall? 
What if by trying to do great things I bring down greater gall? 

But is this life? to never do because the fear of sin? 
Should not I fear almighty God, and in His name begin? 
Ah, here is hope, for with this fear we see our faith's sound rest 
And with this faith we hold to God who leads us through the test 

So if I'm with God, and He with me, I shall not fear to plan 
To do a loving pastor's share in guiding erring man
To love my own dear family, to serve and lead and fight
For Christ's covenant and kingly crown, for honor and for right! 

I see around our dinner board, the olive plants and vine 
How happy see I these treasures dear, what blessed joy in mine! 
My Rose of Sharon brightly beams hospitable grace and duty 
With godly wisdom and her love, our house does shine with beauty 

And there the "simple" parish church, my beloved and my flock 
'Tis not simple to those that know, it's people reel and rock
I am no better, 'tis God will save her, through many a stormy sea 
She'll continue to rise, come back again and make the Devil flee 

And in the light of Christ's loved bride the peoples all will walk 
And our own county, city, street, will of Lord Jesus talk 
Whether friend or foe, man or fool, the wise or wicked one 
They all must face the news we bring, to stand before the Son 

This and more, my vision, dream, is what in faith I take 
For my calling and duty near, for this my goal I make 
Oh that God would wrought in us for Him a greater zeal, 
Love that comes from a pure heart, His Spirit as our seal! 


TIA Houghton said...

Your picture is not featured on our fridge. So happy for you! Great poem. Love, Mrs. H

Peter Bringe said...

I'm guessing that's should be "now featured," not "not featured." :)

Unknown said...

It's good to see Christian brothers who have laid hold on the promises and principles of God's word without drawing back. May God bless your steps!

Savories of life said...

God bless you as you serve Him. I have read your Food book twice since I got it and enjoyed it.