Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Pilgrims in 1621, Part 1: Introduction

Yes, its Thanksgiving again and its time to hear the story of the Pilgrims. We often hear something about the Pilgrims every year and it usually goes like this: “The Pilgrims were forced from England, had to leave Holland, they went in the Mayflower to Plymouth where they almost all died from the winter, but they survived and met the Indians and celebrated Thanksgiving with them, thankful for surviving the winter". This is an important story and it is much like the one I told last year. But it leaves a lot out. This year I am going to post a series, covering some of the events of 1621. There are many years after 1621 that I won’t be able to get to, but even in 1621, the year of the first Thanksgiving, there are many events that are only briefly remembered or totally forgotten. These events tell us much about the Pilgrims as a people and society. They did not merely lay on there backs from surviving the winter to Thanksgiving, but were active and interactive with the land and peoples around them. They did not just aim to survive, but to thrive and produce. As we will see, the Pilgrims are a great example of a hard-working, just, and joyful society, built primarily on the Word of God.

To be continued...

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mountainculinaire | Renée said...

I'm looking forward to the series, Peter. It sounds good!