Monday, December 10, 2012

The Joy of the Light

See the house of days gone by, decked out in greenery fine 
The cold, sharp wind about it rolls with specks of glimmer and shine 
Outside is quiet, only the wind, and trees that are moved to and fro’ 
Stir gently the stillness that lays all around the valley now covered in snow 

Inside there is merriment, laughter, and joy–the sound of the fiddle and flute– 
The lads and the lasses are dancing a jig, their tongues and feet are not mute 
The companions of work, of worship and thought, they now enjoy what they’ve won 
Relationships firm, founded on time, now exalted through music and fun 

Oh praise the Lord Christ! He re-made us to show this joyful and most loving way 
Who, when we were in darkness, came as the Light and delivered us unto His day 
Though days be dark, sharp, windy, and cold, we dare not submit to their gloom! 
We strike up a tune and go gallantly forth, proclaiming Him ris’n from the tomb! 

Thus the darkest of days 
Will submit to this praise 
And become the sunrise of morn! 

The darkness takes flight 
This day, our delight! 
For Christ the world’s Savior is born!


Anonymous said...

Well done, Peter. It's always a pleasure to see your poetic endeavors. In technical respects, each one of your poems is better than the last, and I don't doubt that, if you keep working hard at it, your labors will bear enduring fruit.

Stand Fast,


Peter Bringe said...

Thank you, Andrew!


Anonymous said...

I love it!!!