Monday, November 22, 2021

Audio Recordings from the Pilgrim Heritage Celebration (2017-2021)

For the past eleven or twelve years, my church has hosted a Thanksgiving event celebrating the heritage of the Pilgrims who came on the Mayflower and settled in Plymouth. Some of the talks from these events have been recorded, so for this year's 400th anniversary of the First Thanksgiving, I thought I would post links to what we have online.


"The Pilgrims and Evangelistic Missions" - Peter Bringe (24 min.)


"The Pilgrims in England and Holland" - John Huffman (22 min.)
"The Pilgrims' Voyage and First Winter" - Peter Bringe (21 min.) 


"The Providence of God in 1620" - Jeff Hamann (28 min.)
"The Choices the Pilgrims Made in 1620" - Peter Bringe (24 min.)
"The Vision of the Pilgrims for 2020" - John Huffman (26 min.)


"The Errand in the Wilderness" - Peter Bringe (14 min.)
"1621 and the First Thanksgiving" - Jeff Hamann (23 min.)
"Our 400 Year Legacy of Giving Thanks" - Dan Ford (39 min.) 

Embarkation of the Pilgrims by Robert W. Weir

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