Tuesday, November 2, 2021

The Sons of the Prophets

Who were the sons of the prophets? 

The “sons of the prophets” are first mentioned in 1 Kings 20:35 and they continue to show up in 2 Kings. They seem to have been the disciples of the prophets. 2 Kings describes a group of 50 of them who lived in Jericho (2:7) and a group of 100 of them eating together (4:38-44) and living together under Elisha’s charge (6:1). 

The sons of the prophets are described as the servants of the prophets. They are usually described as young men (5:22, 9:4). They could be sent on missions by the prophets (9:1). They were not bound to celibacy and could go out and live in their own homes (4:1). They probably lived together while they were being trained before going out. They formed a community that preserved true religion during dark days in the northern kingdom of Israel.

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